03 May 2011

Environmental Vulnerabilities of Bagerhat Municipality, South – West Bangladesh


The present research area was located within a coastal and unplanned urban area situated on the bank of river Bhairab.Tidal effect of this river very much prominent in the rainy season. Thus become of the presence of Bhoirab River and the unplanned urban area development, the municipality is very much vulnerable on climate, amenities, and water quality context.
To analyze the climatic condition of the study area.
To analyze the amenities vulnerability of the study area.
To analyze the water quality in the study area.
Climate constitutes a critical resource for the economy of Bangladesh  which is almost solely dependent on the summer rainfall. There is an increasing realization that climate is closely tied to sustainable development in the context of global change

Due to  seasonal  variation  and temporary water logging reducing agricultural  production and  hamper the live hood condition of the people . 
 water logging
It was evident that poor drainage network and encoarcement on drainage paths ,lack of proper maintance of existing drainage system, disposal of waste into drainage paths ,Construction of embankments ,bridges and occasional  back flow of tidal water from Bhoirab River was through the drainage out falls during peak monsoonal saeson was the major causes of temporary water logging during rainy season in the municipality area.It was revealed that most of temporary water logged areas were located in Bagerhat Municipality of Ward  No 1,5and 8 and   and the dur

Any proposed drainage improvement plan should be justified economic, technically and socially. The programme after implementation will mitigate major drainage problems.

To avoidance construction of embankments ,bridges in the natural drainage area increase navigation and reduce occasional back flow of tidal water from Bhoirab River which can reduce temporary water logging of the area.

Unplanned rapid urbanization is the main causes of amenities vulnerability. Rural – urban income differentials are mainly responsible of unplanned urbanization. To setup industry in rural area can reduce income differential and also reduce amenities vulnerability

Chemical characteristic of surface water is better than the ground water. But due to microbial activity in surface water is often unfit for domestic purposes. To set up some small purification plant and growing awareness, they can use surface water for domestic purposes.

02 May 2011


To analyze the structure of vehicular population

To estimate the annual emission of pollutants (NOx, SOx, CO and CO2) from vehicles

To estimate the emission trends from traffic sources

To estimate afforestation required to minimize the annual CO2 emitted from vehicles

To determine the health effects of traffic pollution.

To suggest some mitigation measures for reducing the traffic pollution.


Fuel quality improvement
Traffic regulations and enforcement
Improvement of technology
Strengthen of legal authority
Public awareness
Research and development activities


The regular rising of vehicles in the city due to their increasing transport demands

The problem of vehicular air pollution is the integrated form of improper traffic management, low quality fuel utilization, absence of enforcement of proper traffic management, and the absence of exhaust gas control mechanism.

Diesel truck is the main vehicle responsible for SOX emission

Increasing rate of CO2and CO in last 10 years is 6.3% and 9.5%
Affected persons are vehicles staff, traffic personnel and shopkeepers.

Affected persons are suffering for mainly eye irritation, immediate coughing and respiratory illness.